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HanDe Launched Mobilization meeting for Production Capacity Improvement
Release time:2011-01-01   Read:5814  times

 On the evening of Jan 19, HanDe launched the mobilization meeting for production capacity improvement, analysed the situation, clear the target of production capacity improvement and mobilized all staff to joint force, be passionate,  responsible, do their best to improve the production capacity  in order to meet the market need and make a new mirale in HanDe development history. All cadres of middle and above level presented.

In the meeting, General Manager Wang Zhanchao combined the situations of both market and HanDe, represented the bright entire vehicle sales trend  of the Group, announced the excellent achievement, specifically analysed the  bottleneck of production capacity,  comprehensively assigned the task and pointed out clear and specific requirements. He said, after hard work of year by year, the Group has built its own brand advantage, succeeded to update the product. While the inside sales doubles and the outside market is so hot, production capacity improvement becomes an urgent affair. From Jan 1 to 19, by the hard work of relevant departments, there is obvious result on production capacity improvement, especially on new product. We are make new chapter for HanDe development.

Facing the constantly increasing market demand, the meeting make clear the specific object. General Manager Wang said, "this production capacity improvement is the fastest, and biggest one. Now, every department is facing severe task, need to achieve a normally impossible object. This is the challenge we have never met before. But it also offer a practise and improvement. We should be passionate, join together and do all we can do to create the miracle!"

Against the problem existing in the production and management process, General Manager Wang emphasized that now, all staff members should change their mind and working attitude, create working method, switch from "ask me to do something" to "I want to do something", make sure the market demand can be met and the object of 360,000 pieces of axle assy. Can be achieved successfully.

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