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HanDe Company and Changan University Start Technological Personnel Training Cooperation
Release time:2011-01-01   Read:22015  times

In order to enhance the technological personnel enterprise level, HanDe Company invited professors and specialists from Chang'an University to give training courses to the staff of R&D, Technology and Processing Departments.

According to the agreement between Hande Company and Chang'an University, the training courses will be held by 5 phases. The 1st phase was held in Sep 5th, in the meeting hall, Xi'an plant, Hande Company. GM Wang Zhanchao,  the Dean of School of Automobile Yu Qiang, Professor Liu Jingyu, Professor Jian Xiaoping presented in the opening ceremony. School Dean Yu celebrated to the training course on behalf of the School of Automobile. He said the cooperation was a lion--lion cooperation, which will enhance  HanDe technological enterprise level and Chang'an University R%D level. Meanwhile, it will strengthen the communication and friendship with the each other. 

Firstly, MG Wang Zhanchao showed his welcome and appreciation to the coming of Dean Yu Qiang and his party. After a brief introduction of the enterprise recent development, MG Wang Zhanchao pointed that the enterprise development offered a better stage to its staff members. And at the same time, it also required the better knowledge structure and ability.  Now on, not only advanced instruments and factories are the key competitiveness, but also is the qualified HR. He hoped that the trainees can understand the present situation and make full use of this opportunity to make up their weakness, enhance there skills and apply them into work.

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