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HanDe Axle Co., Ltd. Launches Intellectual Property Protection System
Release time:¡¾2011-01-01¡¿   Read:55667  times

In the violent market competitity, HanDe Axle Co., Ltd. fully understands the importance of intellectual property. In recent years, by multi-prongs and practical measures, HanDe Axle Co., Ltd. strengthens the intellectual property management, launches and improves the intellectual property protection system in order to seize the market with technology and secure the market with intellectual property. 

In 2009, in order to further strengthen the patent management, encourage technological creation, HanDe Axle Co., Ltd. released Patent Management Regulation, make clear of the management department responsibility and registery process of company patent. In order to regulate the famous trademark use, in this year, HanDe Axle Co., Ltd. also released Famous Trademark Management Regulation to specifically regulate the use, management, control, archiving and protection.

As well as improving the related system, HanDe Axle Co., Ltd. effectively applys training and publicizing to spread the patent knowledge around the whole staff. Almost each year, HanDe Axle Co., Ltd. will launches a patent training lectured by industry authorities to company leader and technological staff members. Meanwhile, HanDe Axle Co., Ltd. also makes use of the OA system to publicize the patent-related national policies, laws and regulations. In addition, HanDe Axle Co., Ltd. launches and improves the award for technological creation. Till now, HanDe Axle Co., Ltd. has applied for 16 patents, with 4 patents of invention, 12 utility patents and 10 earned utility patents. £¨from Automobile, Phoenix Website £©

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