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Ensure Safety and Promote Production
Release time:2011-01-01   Read:7656  times

In order to carry out the Fire Prevention conference guideline of the Group, do the fire prevention better, make sure the smooth development of present production and operation,  from Jan 22, HanDe will solidly carry out the fire prevention safety inspection for spring and winter.

From Jan 22--28, HanDe arranged securities to check all 500 extinguishers and replaced the 39 invalid ones. Then HanDe demanded that every unit should maintain extinguishers in the instrument-maintaining week so as to keep it work.

On Jan 27, HanDe launched fire-prevention exercise in Baoji plant. 63 staff members from units heavily related with fire prevention jointed in. Before exercise, HanDe specially invited team Head Liu Hongwei, vice team Head Wang Bin of the West Plant fire company to teach the fire prevention common sense, escaping ways, report to police and etc. Vice Head Wang Bin demonstrated them on site. Through exercise, we enhanced our skills and consciousness about fire prevention.

On Jan 30, the Security and Environment Department organized a special inspection to every unit on fire prevention, such as fire prevention patrol, record, warning mark, fire passage and etc. To those problem found during the inspection, responsible unit had to modify in due time, otherwise, there will be fine.

This fire-prevention inspection effectively avoided the fire risk during spring and winter. It guaranteed the good start of the first quarter. 

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